Getting Started - Checking Audio Playback

Obvious, but important: make sure your audio system is switched on, and the playback audio path is working properly. By default, the program uses your system sound output device. But you can easily switch to any available audio playback device, selecting Audio | Audio Device menu item from the main menu.

Initially, the audio source is set to Pink noise so that the software would not require any external files to get up and running. And it is usually the best starting point for your practice session. So, make sure the corresponding option is selected in the Audio Source window.

Are you ready to hear the sound :-)? Just click the Learn mode button or change the position of any EQ sliders’ handle by dragging/clicking on it, which will switch the application to the Learn mode automatically. After some processing (peak normalization and equalization) and loading, which usually takes fractions of second on contemporary machines, the playback of an example should start.

Here, you may want to proceed with the training process. But I suggest that we should adjust your audio system first.

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